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What Is heavy duty racks

Heavy-duty racks, also known as heavy-duty shelving or heavy-duty storage racks, typically refer to industrial storage racks with a load capacity of more than 1000kg per tier. These racks are typically constructed from high-quality Q235B cold-rolled steel to withstand the weight of heavy items and provide long-lasting durability. They often feature reinforced beams, sturdy upright frames, and adjustable tiers to accommodate various load sizes and configurations. Heavy-duty racks are essential for optimizing storage space, improving warehouse efficiency, and ensuring the safe handling of heavy materials.

Customizable Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Specifications

While we recommend some common sizes for heavy duty racking, you can also choose to customize heavy duty racking to fit your needs. Customized heavy duty racking can be perfectly adapted to your warehouse and can maximize warehouse efficiency and storage capacity.

Size(mm) Color Layer Load Capacity
L2500*D1200*H3000 Orange 3 layer 1000kg/layer
L2700*D1000*H3000 Blue 4 layer 2000kg/layer
L2700*D1200*H3000 Black 5 layer 3000kg/layer
Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable

Heavy Duty Racking Design

selective pallet rack layout

Heavy Duty Racking Layout Design

Please send us detailed data such as warehouse size, cargo size, etc. Our engineers will design a reasonable layout plan for you.

selective pallet racking drawing

Three-dimensional drawing of heavy duty racking

The exact dimensions of the racks, the load and the number of tiers will be presented to you in a three-dimensional drawing.

pallet rack supported mezzanine drawing

Rendering of Heavy Duty Racking

If the project is complex, we can also produce installation drawings for you, and we can even produce renderings if necessary.

Why Choose Lracking Custom Heavy Duty Racking

There are several advantages to choosing Lracking for customized heavy duty racking. First, with over 16 years of expertise and experience in the manufacturing of heavy-duty racking solutions, we can ensure a high quality product that meets your specific needs. Second, our heavy-duty racking systems are built to withstand heavy loads, provide long-term durability, and are certified to ISO9001, AS4084, and CE. Thirdly, we offer different customization options to meet various storage requirements and maximize space utilization and work efficiency. In addition, as a top heavy duty racking manufacturer in China, we provide one-stop service from drawing design to racking installation. Our competitive pricing and customer-satisfying service make Lracking the ideal choice for your heavy duty racking purchasing needs.

Heavy Duty Racking Applications

warehouse rack background

heavy duty warehouse racking

Heavy-duty warehouse racks are typically constructed from durable materials such as steel and are engineered to provide high load capacities per shelf or beam level. They offer versatility in terms of configuration and can be customized to accommodate varying warehouse layouts and storage requirements. Heavy-duty warehouse racking systems are essential for optimizing storage space and efficiently organizing inventory in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

cold storage pallet rack

heavy duty pallet rack

Heavy duty pallet racking features sturdy beams and upright frames to support the weight of palletized goods. Available in a variety of types, including selective pallet racking, drive-in pallet racking, push-back pallet racking and double-deep pallet racking, heavy-duty pallet racking makes efficient use of vertical space in warehouses and distribution centers.

vna pallet rack

heavy duty metal racking

Heavy duty metal racking refers to sturdy storage systems made from durable metal materials such as steel. Designed to withstand heavy loads, these racking systems are commonly used in industrial environments to store large and bulky items. They come in a variety of types, including pallet racking, cantilever racking, mezzanine racking, and mold racking, and provide versatile storage solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Duty Racking

What are the factors to consider when choosing heavy duty racking?

When choosing heavy-duty racking for storage, it’s essential to consider multiple factors. Rack size should align with available space and warehouse layout, optimizing storage efficiency. Load capacity must exceed the weight of stored items to ensure safety. FIFO (First In, First Out) or LIFO (Last In, First Out) systems dictate inventory management, affecting accessibility and stock rotation. Budget constraints guide decisions, balancing cost-effectiveness with quality and durability. Careful consideration of these factors ensures an optimal heavy-duty racking solution, enhancing storage capabilities while meeting operational and financial requirements.

What are the common accessories for heavy duty rack?

Common accessories for heavy-duty racking include beam supports, wire mesh decking, pallet support bars, upright protectors, guards, row spacers and safety signage. Different accessories serve different purposes. For example, upright protectors prevent forklifts from colliding with the racking and reduce damage to the racking system. Wire mesh decking not only improves air circulation but also prevents goods from falling and effectively protects the safety of workers below. Reasonable use of racking accessories helps the safe and stable operation of the racking system.

How much does heavy duty racking cost?

Heavy duty racking is basically customized and because of its heavy load capacity, which is usually more than 1000kg per tier, it needs to be manufactured using thicker materials, all of which are factors that affect the cost. Generally speaking, the cost of a heavy-duty rack is in the range of $150 to $350 per set, but of course, this is only an estimate. When calculating the cost of the heavy-duty rack, it is important to take into account your actual storage needs. We recommend that you contact one of our sales consultants so that you can get an accurate quote.

What is the maximum load capacity of heavy duty racking?

The load capacity of heavy-duty racking is largely dependent on the thickness of the materials used and the size of the racking dimensions. Our common range of load capacity is generally in the range of 1000-3000kg per tier. Of course, if you need to customize the heavy-duty racking with a larger load capacity, it is also possible. Our engineers will analyze the force and tell you the size of the material you need to use, and then give you a free quote.

Do you offer heavy duty racking installation?

Yes, if you purchase heavy-duty racking from Lracking, we can provide you with an installation service. We start by providing video installation tutorials or designing installation drawings for you, and we can also send someone on-site to guide the installation process if necessary. Professional installation helps the racking system to be assembled correctly, safely and in accordance with industry standards, thus maximizing its performance and service life.

What is the MOQ for heavy duty racking?

10 sets. Heavy duty racking is customized racking and it is large. If you order too small a quantity, the cost of both production and transportation will be very expensive and unfavorable to your purchase. Therefore, we set a minimum order quantity of 10 sets. Of course, if you just want to get a sample for reference, please read our “Free Sample” page.

Get professional quotes from Lracking engineers.

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