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Items Components Specification (mm) Qty Unit Unit Price ($) Total Price ($)
1 pallet rack upright Upright frame H6000*D1200*90*70*1.5 1 SET 1 1
2 pallet rack beam Rack beam L2700*110*50*1.2 P‘ type 1 PCS 1 1
3 Pallet Racking Board Rack board L900*D1200*T0.7(with 3 reinforcement under below) 1 PCS 1 1
4 Upright Protectors Upright protectors L200*150*300*1.5 1 PCS 1 1
5 pallet racking guards Guardrail L1000*50*300*1.5 1 PCS 1 1
6 pallet racking decking Wire mesh decking L1200*D1100*1.0 1 PCS 1 1
Total amount selective pallet rack layout pallet rack supported mezzanine drawing 6 PCS $6 $6


1. The above price is FOB.

2. The expiration period of this quotation is 15 days.

3. Exchange rate of USD:RMB=1: 7.1

Commercial terms:

1.Material: Q 235 B Cold rolled steel;

2. Features: Easy to assemble and disassemble; Appearance: Electro Static Dusting Spray;

3. Quality Guarantee: 5 Years from the delivery date;

4.Origin: Dongguan,China;

5.Lead Time : 30Work Days (beside 6th~22th, Feb. this is our holiday for CNY);

6. Payment: 40% T/T in advance and balance 60% before delivery;

7. Packing: All the component is packed by air bubbles.

8. Factory Audit (Acceptable or Not): Acceptable;

Superficial treatment

1. Storage rack surface adopts epoxy resin static paint finishing treatment, the thickness of the coat is 60-80 microns.

2. Spray process: remove exterior oil→washing→acid cleaning to remove the rust→washing→parkerising→washing by high pressure→parch→static paint finishing→solidify under high temperature.


1. The beam allowable flexivity length is 1/200, upright max. allowable flexivity height is 1/1000.

2. Upright hole distance is 75mm, and the beams can be adjusted height arbitrarily, a particular rhombus hole design can be; used covertly. There are safety bolts on the beam to prevent moving the beams when the fork truck is raising and dropping.

3. Superficial process: epoxide resin static paint finishing treatment, test the hardness by 2H pencil without scratch, racking superficial is acid and alkali-resistant, and the thickness of the coat is about 100-80 microns.

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