Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment1

Material Handling Equipment Definition

Material handling equipment refers to all machinery and devices used for the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products in manufacturing, distribution and logistics processes. This equipment includes a variety of tools such as conveyors, forklifts, cranes, hoists, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), pallet jacks, wire mesh containers, roll containers and platform trolleys. All of these devices are designed to reduce manual handling, improve efficiency, and enhance material handling safety. They can be adapted to different environments, material types and processes, making it easier to handle bulky items, store and retrieve goods, and transport products from one stage to another. Material handling equipment plays a vital role in optimizing material flow, reducing costs, streamlining operations and improving customer service.

Types of material handling equipment sold by Lracking

A roll container, also known as a roll pallet, is a wheeled storage and transport unit designed for efficiently handling and moving goods within a warehouse, retail store, or logistics environment. It typically features a metal frame with mesh or solid sides, facilitating easy visibility and accessibility to the items stored inside. Roll containers are commonly used to streamline the logistics process, improve inventory management, and enhance the overall efficiency of material handling operations.

A wire mesh container is a type of storage and transport container made of welded wire mesh panels, often supported by a steel frame. These containers are designed to provide visibility, ventilation, and easy access to stored items while ensuring durability and structural integrity. Wire mesh containers are commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities for the secure storage and transportation of goods.

A platform trolley is a wheeled cart designed for transporting goods and materials within a facility, such as warehouses, distribution centers, or retail spaces. It typically consists of a flat, rectangular platform mounted on four wheels, with a handle for manual pushing or pulling. Platform trolleys are versatile and used for moving various items, promoting efficiency in material handling operations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Material Handling Equipment

Choosing the right material handling equipment is critical for the efficiency and safety of your operations. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right equipment for your business. Firstly, examine the products to be moved, their size, shape, weight, and fragility. Secondly, consider the layout of your facility, including the width of the aisles and the height of the racks. Thirdly, look at the work environment, indoor or outdoor, hot or cold, and whether the floors are smooth or rough. Fourthly, analyze the frequency and duration of your material handling process, including distance travelled and the speed of equipment required. Lastly, determine the cost of operation and maintenance of the equipment, considering the vendor’s reliability and support. Overall, taking into account all these factors will ensure you select the right equipment to increase efficiency, save costs, and enhance safety in your operations.

Material Handling Equipment

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