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What Is Wire Mesh Container

A wire mesh container, also known as a wire mesh cage or collapsible wire container, is a type of storage container made from welded wire mesh panels. These containers are designed to provide visibility of contents, good ventilation, and easy access for loading and unloading. Wire mesh containers are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail environments, and logistics operations for storing and transporting goods. They come in various sizes, configurations, and load capacities to accommodate different storage needs and applications.

Customizable Galvanized Wire Mesh Container Dimension

The table to the right lists the dimensions of the most common wire mesh containers. Of course, if you need to customize your wire mesh container that is also possible. Please let us know your detailed storage needs and we will give you a free quote.

Size(mm) Net Spacing Wire Diameter Load Capacity
L800*D600*H640 50*50/50*100 4.8-5.8 1000kg/layer
L1000*D800*H840 50*50/50*100 4.8-5.8 1000kg/layer
L1200*D1000*H890 50*50/50*100 4.8-5.8 15000kg/layer
Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable

Wire Mesh Container Design

selective pallet rack layout

Wire Mesh Container Layout Design

Please send us detailed data such as warehouse size, cargo size, etc. Our engineers will design a reasonable layout plan for you.

standard pallet racking

Three-dimensional drawing of Wire Mesh Container

The exact dimensions of the racks, the load and the number of tiers will be presented to you in a three-dimensional drawing.

pallet rack supported mezzanine drawing

Rendering of Wire Mesh Container

If the project is complex, we can also produce installation drawings for you, and we can even produce renderings if necessary.

Why Choose Lracking Custom Wire Mesh Container

Lracking has always put quality first, with international professional certifications such as ISO9001, CE, TUV, AS4084, etc. We manufacture durable wire mesh containers. And, we offer customization options that allow you to design them according to your specific requirements, whether it’s size, carrying capacity or additional features. As a top manufacturer of wire mesh containers in China, Lracking has competitive price and efficient production process, which can ensure you receive perfect products.

Characteristics of wire mesh containers

wire container

Versatile wire containers

The versatility of wire mesh containers stems from their adaptable design and construction. These containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations for a wide range of storage and transportation applications. Their open mesh construction allows for air circulation and visibility, making them ideal for storing items that require ventilation or quick visual identification.

folding wire container

Stackable wire mesh containers

Stackable wire mesh containers allow multiple containers to be securely stacked together to maximize vertical storage space. These containers are typically of sturdy construction with reinforced corners to withstand the weight of stacked goods. They often have interlocking or stacking feet to ensure stability when stacked and prevent containers from slipping or tipping. The stackable design allows for efficient utilization of warehouse or storage space while providing easy access to stored items.

Wire Mesh Containers with Wheels

Wire Mesh Containers with Wheels

Wire Mesh Containers with Wheels combine the benefits of wire mesh storage containers with the mobility of wheels to provide greater convenience and efficiency in material handling and storage applications. The addition of wheels allows for effortless movement of heavy or bulky goods in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and retail environments. Wire mesh containers with wheels roll smoothly over flat surfaces, allowing for quick and easy transportation of goods, increased productivity and reduced manual handling.

folding wire containers

folding wire containers

Folding wire containers are a collapsible storage solution that easily folds flat when not in use, saving space during transportation and storage. These containers typically feature hinged or collapsible sidewalls and a folding base that can be compactly folded to a fraction of its original size. This design allows for efficient backhauling and storage when the container is empty, thereby reducing transportation costs and maximizing warehouse space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wire Mesh Container

How much do wire mesh containers cost?

The cost of wire mesh containers can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the wire mesh container, wire diameter, and grid spacing. Generally speaking, for a wire mesh container of L1200*D1000*H890mm with a carrying capacity of 1,000kg, it will cost around $50-80. To get an accurate quote, please contact the wire mesh container manufacturer directly.

What are the materials used in the manufacture of wire mesh containers?

Wire mesh containers are usually manufactured using quality materials such as steel wire. The steel wires used in their construction are usually galvanized for corrosion resistance and durability, making them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

What are the areas of application for wire containers?

Wire mesh containers are widely used in various industries due to their versatility and durability. They are commonly used in warehousing and logistics to store and transport goods, facilitate efficient inventory management, and optimize storage space. In manufacturing facilities, wire mesh containers are used to store raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods for easy viewing and ventilation. In retail environments, they are used as merchandise storage bins in supermarkets, department stores and convenience stores. Additionally, wire mesh containers are used in agriculture for handling and transporting agricultural products and in the automotive industry for organizing parts, tools, and equipment in manufacturing and maintenance facilities.

What is the load capacity of a wire mesh container?

The load carrying capacity of wire mesh packagings varies depending on their size, wire diameter and material size. The weight capacity of standard wire mesh containers typically ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds (450 to 1,800 kilograms) per container, although some heavy-duty wire mesh containers may have higher weight capacities. Factors such as wire gauge, mesh spacing, and structural integrity of the packaging must be considered when determining the weight capacity of the packaging. In addition, manufacturers may provide specific load ratings for their wire mesh packagings in accordance with industry standards and testing protocols.

What is the maximum height that wire mesh containers can be stacked?

In general, wire mesh containers can be stacked several units high, often up to three or four containers high, if a stable and safe stacking configuration is used. However, manufacturer recommendations and industry best practices must be followed to ensure safe stacking heights and to prevent accidents or collapse of stacked containers.

What is the MOQ for wire mesh containers?

In order to optimize shipping costs and provide the best value for our customers, we have set a minimum order quantity of 20 sets of wire mesh containers. This threshold ensures that orders are packed and shipped efficiently, minimizing logistics costs while still providing a competitive unit price.

Get professional quotes from Lracking engineers.

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