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Lracking provides you with professional pallet racking installation services

Warehouse racking and mezzanine flooring installation is critical, incorrect installation may lead to the collapse of the subsequent use of numerous safety hazards, Lracking can provide you with a full range of racking and mezzanine flooring installation support, you can free of charge to assist in the installation of the work, for the installation of difficult projects, we can also send engineers to the site to guide the installation.

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Lracking's comprehensive installation support

Videoconferencing guidance installation

If you're not sure how to install a racking system on your own, we can walk you through the entire process step-by-step. We can provide you with personalized service via video conferencing so you feel like we're right there with you. So whether you're installing a shelving system for the first time or you've done it many times before, our expert guidance will ensure that you get it right the first time.

Video installation tutorial

Our team has created a series of informative, user-friendly video tutorials to help you with your rack installation to enhance your knowledge and skills. By watching our video tutorials, you will gain valuable insights and tips on how to properly install and maintain your rack, which will not only increase your productivity, but also save you time and money.

Customized PDF installation tutorial

For slightly more complex projects like mezzanine flooring, we have spared no effort in creating a step-by-step installation tutorial. This comprehensive PDF guide has been carefully designed to take you through each stage of the installation process in a clear and concise manner. We understand that these types of projects can be difficult to complete on your own, so our tutorial contains all the information you need to make the installation process as easy and smooth as possible.

On-site installation instruction if necessary

We are more than willing to send one of our senior engineers to the installation site if necessary. Our team of engineers are experienced and skilled in the installation of warehouse racking and mezzanine floors and will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure the installation process is carried out safely and efficiently.

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